The Cure Within has always been with you:
the Unpatentable Human Immune System


~ Robert Wright, Founder of International Wellness & Research Center and American Anti-Cancer Institute

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The Cure Within

Unique To You, it's a magnificent powerhouse of integrated, living energy, organs, tissues, cells, antibodies and more, designed to neutralize pathogens and “foreign invaders,” before they ever make you sick-- including cancer. Noone's immune system is like anybody else's. Yours is an original, and it needs you to do what it takes to keep it strong and capable of defending you. Combined with nutrient-dense foods, oils, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs (and more) and a routine detox program, your own immune system can heal most degenerative and immune disease. If you don't believe that yet, keep exploring this site, especially our Philosophy.

You are here right now because cancer may be an issue for you or a loved one. If there’s another reason – that’s O.K. too. You want to know what to do and how to do it. You wonder whether there’s a better answer than surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation because you believe or suspect that these therapies simply don’t have long-term success. And you would be right.

The Truth is:
the survival rate of the aforementioned treatments past the five year mark is a frightening 2.1% according to the journal, “Clinical Oncology†” among other studies and reports. What this means is that, for most cancers, over 97% of those receiving conventional treatment die within five years. When patients do survive past the five year milepost, and many do, it’s not because of immune-destroying drugs and health risks associated with radiation and surgery. It’s in spite of those things—a testament to the courage and will to survive of the cancer-stricken, and the power of the human immune system that rallies to defeat a myriad of foreign enemies, particularly when encouraged with “the right stuff,” post-remission.

If You Hear Nothing Else...

Please grasp that your immune system holds the key and it needs you to open the door, and keep on opening it. Get yourself a strategy, know what to do first, find out what works for your type of cancer and what doesn’t. Discover the critical role of diet in cancer healing and, of equal importance, what you can’t eat and what you must stop doing.

Getting our first book, “Killing Cancer - Not People,” as a softcover or e-book, is a great place to start. And so is this site.

Take your time – investigate – and take charge of your own health and healing. The IWARC + AACI is here to help guide you through, from beginning to end. The Cure IS Within you coupled with the power of Nature that’s been with us for millenia, to heal and deal with the disease known as cancer.

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