We believe our body has a magical ability to heal itself from the inside-out.


~ Robert Wright

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Who We Are

Our Belief, Our Mission

Throughout human history, accepted philosophical and scientific paradigms of the created world have changed over time, sometimes radically. Today's disease paradigm, as we know it is not accurate, and must undergo a radical, culture-wide change if the disease is going to be eradicated. We, at IWARC, takes the forefront to educate people world-wide regarding the real truth about treating and healing cancer and all other chronic illness.

Our mission at the International Wellness Research Center (IWARC) is to coordinate research of natural healing methodologies for all chronic illness; conduct educational and preventative wellness programs and make them available to the general public; promote natural healing

treatments and therapies that have been proven to generate immune and epigenetic responses; and become the clearing house for all viable protocols, information, and non-allopathic treatments and preventative measures for all chronic illness.

Our Founder and Chairman 
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“Out of long-time careers in aerospace and business, I founded the AACI as the educational presence for the International Wellness Research Center (IWARC) and its world-wide mission to naturally eradicate chronic illness. The IWARC is designed to reflect the “voice of the people” in desiring a clear healthcare departure from conventional “sick care” modalities.”

Robert G. Wright (Bob) is a former Vice President of Sales for an American aerospace, electronics, and space company and worked personally on the development of the International Space Station. A former marathon runner and current fitness fanatic, Bob’s University teaching degree and multiple “study and hands-on degrees” in cancerology, nutrition, disease, and wellness are well-known and respected in the natural health care community.


After over twenty-five years of private study, Bob has emerged as an authentic American “Cancer Whisperer,” counseling cancer patients and chronic illness sufferers free of charge since founding the IWARC & AACI in 2008. With skill and compassion, Wright teaches diseased patients how to correct the underlying metabolic basis of sickness and disease through the epigenetic systems of the body that elicit their own body’s healing response. It works.


The spirited support of his audience rings clear during Wright’s lectures, radio and television appearances, and through an Amazon best selling book that he authored, “Killing Cancer – Not People,” the first in a series educating the public as to the Truth about cancer and chronic illness being reversible, curable, immune diseases.


Bob is married with four grown children, three grandsons, and one great grandson. He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest where he is still and avid runner and outdoorsman. 

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Key Players
at Our Board of Directors

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Our Advisory Board

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The IWARC World Ambassadors

The IWARC World Ambassadors are spreading the TRUTH about diseases and the power of the immune system throughout the world and bringing HOPE to those in need, wherever they may be.  If you know someone in your area with a passion for Natural Healing and Reversing Illness, contact our Ambassadors to get acquainted.

World Lead Ambassadors
U.S. Ambassadors
Asian Ambassadors & Consultants

Aaron Andy, Malaysia   •    Dennis Kong, Malaysia   •    San San Lim, Malaysia 

 Joneville Tinun, Malaysia   •    Norhayati Bte Musa, Singapore   •    Lau Joo Meng, Singapore

Dr. Raymond Dixon, Thailand   •    Nichamon Pureeanuntasak, Thailand 

Freddy Wu, Hong Kong   •    Eric Wong & Kenneth Wong, Hong Kong

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European Ambassadors & Consultants


Queenie Lee, U.K.

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Canadian Ambassadors
Australian & Oceanian Ambassadors
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Our Partners & Volunteers

Together, we can!

The IWARC is not funded or marketed through grant monies or pharmaceutical company dividends as are many cancer causes today. Our efforts to forward a Wellness Paradigm that's destined to put an end to this disease, is a grassroots effort, funded solely by concerned corporate partners, citizens and volunteers who deeply desire a culture-wide shift in disease treatment and healing—to the natural medicine approach we know truly works. We believe the IWARC is the solution to taking back our health, especially for the sake of our kids for whom disease is now the leading cause of worldwide.  Your support to our researches and works will make a difference in this and future generations.  Our operation s 100% volunteer based. If you are interested in making an impact as a corporate partner, contact: shelly@americanACI.org

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