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10x Immunity Essentials:

LifeWave X39 Stem Cell Patches


According to the scientists:

By the time we are 35 years old, we have lost 1/2 our stem cell activity!

If that were not bad enough, by the time we are 60-65, we have lost 90%!


Remember, our stems cells are our reparative cells.  This is why, as children, we tend to heal quickly yet as adults, the healing gets slower and slower as we age.


The less stem cell activity we have….

The faster we age and the slower we heal!

To learn more about how the patches work:
Watch this little 3 minute introduction video.

If that piqued your interest, you can watch the inventor, David Schmidt,

give an 18 minute product overview.

I think you will find it fascinating!

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  • Click "SHOP NOW" above or go to

  • Select your Country and language.

  • Click on "Buy Now"

  • Click on LifeWave X39 Patches

  • Select the quantity of X39's you would like to receive per month then...

  • Click "Add to Cart".  It will say $149.95 USD but the next page will give you the opportunity to sign up as a Preferred Customer to get wholesale pricing.

  • Choose an option - retail price $149.95 or preferred customer pricing $99.95 USD.

  • Hover over the shopping cart in the top right corner and choose “Checkout".  If you chose the PC program, you will have 2 items in your cart as the PC fee of $19.95 is charged separately to your card than the product.

  • Click on “Create Account”

  • Fill in the info needed. Where it asks if you were referred by someone, please mark "Yes" and enter #1343796.

  • Choose the date you would like your order to process at: “Configure Your Auto-Ship”.  You MUST choose a date otherwise it will ship out a month from now.

Once you have a “Welcome to LifeWave” page, you are done.

You will receive an email from LifeWave right away for your records.


Be sure to take note of the user name and password you created.  We usually suggest people create a contact in their cell phone for LifeWave, put in the customer service number of 866-202-0065, for USA along with their log in details in the note section of the contact.


Other Countries Customer Service numbers and emails can be found by scrolling to the bottom black section of any page on the website and click on “Customer Service”.


All Scientific Research can be found in the same section by clicking on “Science” in the Lifewave website.

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