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It's Cancer: Why ME?

Millions of cancer patients worldwide have asked the question:
"Why Me?"

The International Wellness & Research Centre and American Anti-Cancer Institute forwards the following Cancer Paradigm which we sincerely hope encourages visitors to prevent and heal cancer naturally. We believe the Truth about cancer is the only thing that will heal it--for life.

We cannot ethically or morally promise that this Paradigm heals 100% of cancers 100% of the time, but what we strongly believe is that cancer patients stand a far better chance of reversing this disease through Natural means than by choosing allopathic cancer care as we know it.

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Cancer is not a death sentence and must not be feared.

IWARC + AACI Cancer Paradigm:
What is Cancer?

We believe that cancer in essence, is a degeneration of the human immune system caused by two main, interrelated physical conditions, reversible and curable through Natural Medicine:

Cellular Toxicity

Occurs from contact with carcinogenic substances in air, food, water, and through the skin

Nutrient Deficiencies

Directly and indirectly related to the contact of carcinogenic substances

Lastly, we recognize the spiritual nature of the human person as an integral part of this paradigm. That is, stress and traumas play a role in immune function and nutrient absorption—the two main physical roots of this disease, as we understand it. We see cancer as a symptom, or, as the the body's reaction to a deeper set of underlying problems, highly treatable through Natural means at a fraction of the cost of conventional care, with no harmful side-effects.

Therefore, the IWARC + AACI Recommended Natural Products either detoxify the cancer patient, or feed their bodies with nutrient-rich protocols, or both, to correct the underlying metabolic vulnerabilities that compromise the immune system, which in turn can lead to a cancer diagnosis.

If you have cancer right now:

acknowledge this is not the end... more text about if you have cancer right now

Killing Cancer Together...

It has been called
"The best Anti-Cancer book ever written."
Now, it is even better.
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Cancer Must Not Be Feared.
Once you understand what it really is, you can conquer it!