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Inexpensive Cancer Therapies

Inexpensive Does Not Mean Ineffective!
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Webster Kehr, a.k.a.“The Cancer Tutor,” has developed a list of inexpensive yet very potent alternative cancer treatments. Some of these he has developed personally with the assistance of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation. The article(s) you will read on Kehr’s site are driven by the fact that 95% of the cancer patients who go there have already had extensive orthodox cancer treatments and have little left over for “the alternative.” Yet these mighty immune-boosting recommendations are a very significant part of the vast arsenal of natural treatments every cancer patient should be familiar with.

For a full list, visit To get to the meat of the article, you many want to scroll down to: HOW TO COMBINE THESE TREATMENTS FOR SPECIAL SITUATIONS.


The TumorX Apoptosis Protocol is designed for someone who is attempting to use natural products but is on an extreme budget. The advantage of this protocol is that it can be started for under $20 USD, and it’s been documented to kill cancer cells. However, it does not address the reason behind the cancer itself. The other three protocols mentioned on the TumorX site, work on correcting deficiencies inside the body, thus allowing a true cure to take place. A good example of this: TumorX Enzyme Protocol addresses the body’s deficiency of pancreatic enzymes— one of the control systems that keeps a healthy individual cancer free. The enzymes act as a scavenger looking for defective cells. Check out the TumorX Protocols here:



In 1952, Dr. Johanna Budwig discovered the decisive factor in respiratory enzyme function, a boon for cancer sufferers everywhere. Working from a further developed theory, Dr. Budwig was able to help a great many cancer patients with the scientific oil-protein diet of flax oil mixed with cottage cheese in a particular ratio that she designed, now called the “Budwig Protocol.” It allows cancer cells to start ”breathing” again... GO TO OUR SEPARATE BUDWIG PROTOCOL PAGE TO LEARN HOW TO MAKE THE PROTOCOL and for more info.

To understand the importance of this basic discovery, visit:


We hear a great deal about its use in terminal cancer, but the time to start with vitamin B-17 is now, before the disease becomes clinical! The apricot and peach seeds contain almost 2% of vitamin B-17 by weight but other seeds contain the “active ingredient” known for its cancer-killing properties. For more info, go to:

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