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What You MUST Do First

If you have cancer right now: DETOFIXFY!

One of the most powerful cellular detoxification methods we know of for any chronic disease is drinking a particular kind of antioxidant water.


This can be found in Chapter Six of the "Killing Cancer - Not People" book written by Robert Wright and is available for preview.

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In addition to Detoxification, we recommend adding the Checklist below into your every day lifestyle at a bare minimum for cancer prevention, and especially if you're a cancer patient right now.

Detoxification Checklist


Use a shower filter to remove chlorine


Use non-flouride toothpaste


Use aluminum-free deodorant; and all non-toxic personal care items


Eat raw, organically grown food where possible


Juice fruits and vegetables 3 to 4 times per week, especially wheat and barley grass


Add the Budwig Protocol to your diet, especially if you have cancer


Add apricot kernels to your diet, especially if you have cancer


Drink alkaline ionized water if at all possible instead of bottled water, especially if you have cancer


Add colloidal silver to your medicine chest and use it regularly


Add at least two items from the Product Recommendations section here, especially if you have cancer

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Detoxification Recommendations


We recommend you detox first before adopting a nutritional program.  "Detoxing" involves simple but doable lifestyle changes which reduce intake of toxins and improve elimination. When detoxifying the colon, it's important to incorporate probiotics into your diet to replenish intestinal flora. Poor eating habits, poor digestion and assimilation of nutrients are very common today and believed by many to be the basis of our poor health overall as a country. Colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function, and poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin all add to the common problem of increased toxicity.


Gallbladder surgery is the most commonly performed operation in North America! If you talk to radiologists and gastroenterologists looking at people's livers today, they will tell you that the condition called "Fatty Liver" affects more than 50% of people over the age of 50! Common causes are poor diet, excessive alcohol intake, adverse reactions to pharmaceutical drugs, other toxic chemicals, and viral hepatitis.

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Cancer Must Not Be Feared.
Once you understand what it really is, you can conquer it! 

Killing Cancer Together...

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