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Stop Doing THESE

If you have cancer right now:
Stop doing these - please

To help your body heal from cancer, (and for cancer prevention) we recommend eliminating these from your every day lifestyle at a bare minimum. See the book for details.



Stop drinking and bathing in tap water; use a chlorine shower filter


Stop using flouride toothpaste


Stop using anti-perspirant; (you've got armpits for a reason) Deodorant, OK, if non-aluminum


Stop using teflon coated cookware


Stop cooking most of your food, go raw as much as possible


Cut out TV dinners and microwave cooked food


Discard dairy products except for the Budwig protocol (occasional goat milk OK)


Stop drinking regular and diet sodas, products with added sugar and/or aspartame, and acid-forming beverages including sports drinks. Stop drinking bottled water. Use filtered water and if possible, ionized water.


Cut down red meat consumption -- once per week acceptable, if organic


Don't eat farm fed fish, buy it Wild, please

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Too much on the "Don't List" - An unlikely cancer testimony


City Commissioner, Chris Young, relates his unlikely cancer diagnosis, underscoring the importance of avoiding a toxic, cancer-causing lifestyle you may not even suspect you're living.


He definitely didn't: 

"... Up until about five years ago I was a fitness and nutrition expert that companies like Mattel, Xerox, and even Playboy hired for self-defense seminars, kick-boxing and fitness. I  didn’t do drugs, smoke, or even drink coffee, and took almost every known supplement and herb I read about to stay healthy and disease-free. You can imagine the shock to my system when I found out I had cancer!

I have always strived to be a balanced individual in life, which is always a learning process, intellectually, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. I have been an athlete and practitioner of martial arts for over 35 years now. I participated in forming a 501©(3), non-profit organization that helped kids to stay out of gangs and off drugs and taught them the self-respect and discipline that martial arts provides. I became a therapist over 20 years ago for self-meditation purposes and to assist others with stress, fears, phobias, etc. I have been a city commissioner for two of the cities that I have resided in for the last twelve years and have recently founded a new non-profit organization that addresses the unnecessary deaths of almost 5,000 children per day due to lack of decent drinking water.

So, you ask, how does a seemingly balanced individual that avoids the “bad things in life” – that consumes the right supplements and herbs – get cancer? Good question – and here’s the answer.


First of all:

  • I bought into everything I saw on commercials and drank gallons of sports drinks (very acid) that were advertised by all my sports heroes. 

  • I “pounded” a literal ton of red meat and other protein because my body building magazine “Monsters” [said] to.

  • I believed that bottled water was as pure as the mountain stream that it supposedly came from.

  • I used microwave ovens, teflon, and ate my “advertised healthy,” low-fat T.V. dinners.

  • I believed everything that doctors and the FDA told me, like a good little sheep.

It wasn’t until I got the cancer diagnosis and was literally coerced into radiation treatments for six weeks that I started to do my own due diligence and look for the real truth.I found out about alkalinity and balancing the body pH.I started drinking micro-structured ionized water – full of minerals and anti-oxidants (like Bob addresses in Chapter 6 of KCNP).I immediately dropped 20 pounds and saw family and friends – whom I supplied this water to – have incredible results with diabetes, arthritis, gout, acid reflux, etc.

I have been blessed to be the resident “water expert” at, arguably, the best and healthiest holistic detoxification spa in the world.For twenty-five years now, We Care Spa has spread the philosophy of clean and healthy living to people that fly in from all over the world – as well as Hollywood’s elite “A” list clientele and health experts.I preach to these very health conscious patrons the brilliance of Bob’s book, Killing Cancer – Not People – and the word is spreading fast – thank God!

When I was recovering from surgery and radiation, I immersed myself into every health book that was not afraid to tell the real truth about sickness and wellness.I stumbled across Killing Cancer – Not People one day and, as I started to read, it was like I had found the “Holy Grail” of health books.This is a no-nonsense book of truth about how, in the last 40 years, we have contributed billions of dollars into research for the disease called cancer and now, mysteriously, more people have cancer and are dying from it than ever before.

 Obviously, something is wrong.  I can tell you that Bob definitely has the answers – and he has them down to a “science.”  He speaks the truth – that we are warned by allopathic institutions that alternative medicine is for quacks – but, really, it involves the natural plants, supplements, and treatments that God has provided for us.


Bob will give you countless testimonies of people that have been healed using healthy living regimens and not by poisoning their bodies with chemo and radiation.

I am truly honored that Bob has allowed me to put in my two cents worth about his incredible book and implore everyone with cancer – and those of you who never want to get this horrible disease – to pick up, Killing Cancer – Not People, and learn the healthy way to a vibrant and cancer-free life! 

Thank you, Bob, for all your hard work. You are truly a Godsend."

~ Chris Young, CHT, City Commissioner

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Additional Things to Avoid

Processed Sugar

Research has shown:

  • Processed sugar blocks the absorption of calcium.

  • Processed sugar produces a low oxygen environment (which cancer thrives in).

  • Processed sugar is extremely acidic (cancer proliferates in an acidic body pH).

  • Processed sugar can be the death of the immune system. It interrupts the Kreb's energy cycle, which suppresses your immune system's manufacture of killer cells and antibodies!

  • Processed sugar depletes B vitamins needed by the liver to detoxify it—the liver is your main detox organ.

  • Sugar averages for children are around 36 teaspoons a day in the U.S. Processed sugar consumption more quickly robs the oxygen from the little bodies of children making their cells extremely acidic, shutting off their immune systems.

Floridated Drinking Water

"...The same potent chemical used to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, to prepare Sarin nerve gas and to wrestle molten steel and aluminum form the earth's ore is what we give to our children first thing in the morning and last thing at night, flavoured with peppermint, strawberry, or bubble gum..." ~ Chris Bryson

Dr. Limeback is Canada's leading fluoride authority and, until recently, the country's primary promoter of the controversial additive. In a surprising newsmaker interview in 1998, Dr. Limeback announced a dramatic change of heart. "Children under three should never use fluoridated toothpaste," he counselled. "Or drink fluoridated water. And baby formula must never be made up using Toronto tap water. Never."

Don't Hold Your Breath

Tumor Growth Increases During Morning Hours!
For most people breath-holding time is shortest between 4 and 7 am, when, according to epidemiological studies, patients with various chronic diseases are most likely to die. For those who practice the Buteyko Self-Oxygenation Breathing Method however, "tissue hypoxia" (lack of oxygen to tissues) is minimized and the prognosis for getting well and staying well is far better.

Rethinking Root Canals
- especially for breast cancer

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation presents important considerations regarding immune health and root canals. 

Dr. Thomas Rau, of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, recently checked the records of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic. Of 147 women, (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same acupuncture meridian (energy channel) as their original breast cancer tumor.


A thermograph (produced by a thermogram or digital infrared imaging) detects heat within the body resulting from anomalies, inflammation or disease. The images reveal a clearly visible “trail” from the root canalled teeth to the infected breast.

Within the last 20 years, newer branches of dentistry have experienced and addressed problems in the mouth, such as root canals and hidden infections (which are often caused by the amalgam). Just one case is a 50ish, man diagnosed with cancer of the lymph system throughout his body, who was told to "go home to die, medicine could offer him nothing"... made changes to his dental work, removed his 14 amalgams in 2 weeks, and achieved a dramatic turnaround in his health and BTA, from one of near death to one of low health, from which he is now making steady improvement.

An excellent website to learn more about Biological dentistry, amalgam fillings, etc.:

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Cancer Must Not Be Feared.
Once you understand what it really is, you can conquer it! 

Killing Cancer Together...

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