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10x Immunity:

Bob's 5-Step Protocol

Ever wonder what Bob would do if he had cancer?  Or better yet, what does he do to PREVENT cancer…

Well here is his 5 step protocol along with some suggested products for each.  This is in no way a complete list and it will be ever changing and growing as we come across more and more amazing products.  Keep in mind, we only forward the products that really work.  The best of the best.  In our humble opinion.  We have seen so many amazing things from each and every one of them:

  1. Diet

  2. Restructured, Ionized Living Water

  3. Supplements

  4. Detoxification

  5. Exercise


If you have any questions regarding anything on this list or would like help ordering any products, please contact me at and I will be happy to help.

~ Shelly Oslie, Director of Products

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(1) Diet


For details, go to Anti-Cancer:  Cancer Diet and Bob’s book “Killing Cancer - Not People”.  There are also a few products that we are huge fans of that would fall under this category.

- Reliv -

Very detailed description in Chapter 7 of the 4th edition of “Killing Cancer - Not People” but here’s the short version:  ReLiv delicious shakes provide optimal nutrition that helps you to refuel your body.  A key ingredient in the shake is the first ingredient identified to promote optimal health at the epigenetic level and is available in a capsule form as well, which is the most pure, concentrated form ever produced!  It is said to power up the benefits you receive from other Reliv products!

Rain + Soul.jpeg

As with Reliv and a few other companies, Bob feels so strongly about these products he wrote a full chapter on them - read chapter 9 for all the details.  RAIN is the world leader in seed based nutrition.  They focus on health through nature’s most complete source of nutrition.  All their products are amazing but the two we want to highlight here are the SOUL and CORE.  

RNC-apricot kernels.jpeg

I’m putting this one in Diet vs Supplements because you eat them so I think food.  Although technically not a vitamin, Vitamin B-17 was the name given to Amygdalin by bio-chemist Dr. Ernst T Krebs in 1952. Vitamin B-17 is a molecule made up of four parts: 2 parts Glucose, 1 part Benzaldahyde, and 1 part Hydrogen Cyanide. I know what you’re thinking. Cyanide? Yikes! Don’t worry, cyanide in this form is non-toxic, just like it is in this form of B-12 (Cyanocobalamin). Normal healthy cells contain the enzyme Rhodanese which neutralizes the Benzaldahyde and Hydrogen Cyanide in B-17. It converts them to the useful nutrient compounds Thyiocyanate and Benzoic acid. 

For a 10% discount enter code:  IWARC101

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2) Restructured, Ionized
Living Water

- Hydrogen Water -
kangen water machine.jpeg

If you have ever heard Bob talk, you know how he feels about water and which water he recommends.  If we have a serious illness, we have to understand that we MUST change the environment that allowed the issue to arise and what is the largest environment of your body?  YEP…water!  So that should tell us that the quality of water we put in our body is important.  This is SO important, it deserves a page of its own…If you are interested in getting a device, please reach out to me so I can help you decide which would be best for you and your family and to help you with the ordering process. Email me at

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3) Supplements


This will be a longer list as there are many good things we can/should be adding to our bodies, especially considering we just do not get what we need from foods today - it’s simply impossible.  As mentioned above, this will, in no means, be a complete list, just the highlights.  Nor is it in any particular order.  To understand the importance of each of these supplements, please refer to Bob’s book, “Killing Cancer - Not People”.

Redox signaling (also called cell signaling) is vital to strengthening the genetic signal that keeps our cells talking. ASEA’s breakthrough redox signaling technology provides critical connection and communication between cells to ensure optimal renewal and revitalization, supporting the development of new, healthy cells in the body.

Lifewave X39-2.jpeg

LifeWave is a company that Bob has written about for years regarding their Glutathione patch.  Here we are highlighting their X39 patch which rejuvenates your own stem cell activity WITHOUT adding anything to our bodies. It is a non-transdermal patch that helps our body to elevate its own stem cell activity, much like the sun hitting our skin tells our body to enhance its own vitamin D production.  This is one of the products that we feel deserves its own page. Although, the patch is not a supplement, it does help our body to enhance many things so I am putting it in this category.


We are HUGE fans of all of Dr. Carolyn Dean’s products especially her ReMag and ReMyte.  You will find us referring to her products a lot.  They are bioavailable like no others.  Her customer service is like no other as well - they are the most helpful, courteous, knowledgable representatives I have ever worked with and I hear the same from everyone who has worked with them.  Dr. Dean has literally written the book on magnesium - “The Magnesium Miracle” - I feel strongly that everyone needs to read this book.  Not just to understand how we are all deficient but to understand about the different types of magnesium and how our bodies react to each.  If you believe you need magnesium but are considering another brand, I highly suggest you read the book before you make that decision so you are making an educated decision on which type of magnesium.  She even tells you how to test your levels.


You may have heard us talk of a couple different brands of Ionized silver (not colloidal silver) and they are both great but we are going to highlight Dr. Carolyn Dean’s Pico Silver here as it is the best price we have found for such an amazing quality ionized silver to date.


Dr. Carolyn Dean’s D3K2 product is our favorite here as well.  Supplementation with vitamin D3 is not enough. Vitamin D3 needs vitamin K2 to direct calcium into bones.* Vitamin D3 and K2 both need magnesium to complete their job and to be fully metabolized.*


D3K2 ReSet is the best vitamin D3 and K2 supplement because it's been formulated specifically to meet the daily demands for supplementing with vitamin D without using any animal by-products. D3K2 ReSet is formulated using plant lichen and natto, both delivering extraordinary plant power to your body for your benefit.*

*Go to Dr Dean’s site to see the reference’s to these statements.

- Iodine -

At the moment, we do not have a specific reference for you regarding iodine.  Standard Process has a great one, Prolamine Iodine and there is Iodoral Iodine. There are some great books out there regarding iodine and how to best supplement, it may be worth the read for you.


They were first and, in our opinion, the best.  Usable by everyone with no THC and necessary for our immune systems and homeostasis.

We are excited about the turmeric product we have found called “Golden Root” because it is an amazing product at a great price!  GoldenRoot is a holistic blend that is potent healing, made of organic fermented Turmeric, Ginger, Black Pepper, Oregano and Lavender.  They even give friends of the AACI/IWARC a 5% discount…Every little bit helps!


Masszymes, Pe-OM 12 from BiOptimizers. Probiotics help to rebuild the internal biome where 2/3 of your immune system starts.  Enzymes are essential for 100’s of chemical reactions in the body and for digestion and reduction of scar tissue.  I am sure you have heard Bob talk about the importance of enzymes and probiotics (along with pre-biotics that feed the probiotics) Bioptimizers are some of the best you will find on the market!

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4) Detoxification


Just because this category is #4 on Bob’s list, please do not let that lead you to believe it is not that important because it is vital!  Understanding that it is our internal environment that allowed disease to form in our body in the first place, should tell us that we need to do some house cleaning.  Also, when we begin to add more good things to our bodies, they will be helping to flush toxins from our cells and we have to make sure we are getting them completely out of the body, not just out of the cells. 

- Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotherapy (P.I.O.H.) -

Bob feels so strongly about this procedure that he gave it its own chapter in the book, Chapter 9.  I have had several of these procedures myself and Bob has had even more - we can’t say enough about them.  So many people do coffee enemas hoping for a “liver dump”; with P.I.O.H. you may have 3 to 20 liver dumps in one session!  Do yourself a favor and get the book to read this chapter.

- Hydrogen Water -
kangen water machine.jpeg

I know we already have this living, restructured, ionized Water on the list but its ability to flush toxins means it should be listed here as well.  This Water, with its amazing properties, has the ability to carry nutrients into the cell and waste out, where many waters are unable to do this, due to their structure.  Drinking enough ionized water will aid in carrying toxins all the way out - very important!  Email me at

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5) Exercise


We all know how important exercise is but in some cases, we are just too sick to really move at all.  Even if we can just pump our hands and feet, it will help.  Remember, that is what helps pump our lymph system and that is very very important at getting toxins out as well. 


We are in process of trying to find equipment we are willing to forward for this section but do not have it as yet.  One we are looking into is a Whole Body Vibration machines.  A person who can not even stand can use one of these devices by sitting in a chair in front of it and just putting their feet on it.  More to come on this section but in the mean time, there is plenty you can be doing.  Find a good video to follow on You Tube.

Reach out

For information on how to acquire these products go to our digital store on this site or contact Shelly at We have seen all of these products change people’s lives.  We cannot tell you that any of these will cure you of anything.  You know the drill, the FDA frowns upon that unless they are drugs (which don’t cure anything).  We do know that all of them work in harmony with our epigenetic systems to help restore our immune systems – the only thing that does heal us.

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