The International Wellness & Research Center (IWARC) is envisioned as a multi-faceted wellness organization that serves its constituents (world-wide) through various methodologies:

  • A no-nonsense, quality education about true health and wellness.

  • Preventative measures to virtually “disease-proof” individuals.

  • Dissemination of healing regimens outside of traditional medicine.

  • Investigation, research, and scientific studies of known natural treatments, supplements, and protocols.

  • Research to discover new natural healing methods for sickness and disease.

  • Clinical trials (if necessary) to bring “non-drug”, natural proven components to the wellness community.

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Our Manifesto

We believe the World can stop raising money "for the cure," today. The cure is here. Believe it or not: THE CURE IS WITHIN YOU!

Our Mission

Our mission at the International Wellness & Research Center is to coordinate research of natural treatments, therapies, protocols and supplements for chronic illness; conduct educational and preventative wellness programs and make them available to the general public; and to become the clearing house for all viable methodologies, information, and non-conventional (natural) therapies for all sickness and disease.

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Our Vision

This institute (IWARC) is an intellectual and collaborative partnership among actual patients and natural medicine doctors, and cancer and disease scientists, researchers, and specialists.  Traditional conventional medicine will be included only to the extent of its value to support this vision.  Experimental technologies and treatments will be explored and tested for their efficacy and forwarded or discarded based upon proven promise to support longevity, quality of life, and wellness for human beings.

Our Actions

The IWARC will partner with and fund companies, institutions, and individuals that promote, research, test, and prove scientific methods to treat and, ultimately, heal disease without surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or drugs.  This Institute will be both creative and innovative in exploring wellness opportunities while maintaining a strict protocol of seeking and utilizing only factual and proven data and information.

Emphasis in all operations of the Center will be focused on providing, continually, wellness solutions for chronic illness and disease.  Evidence today (scientific and real-life) proves that therapies exist, outside of mainstream medicine, to effectively treat many different illnesses.  With few or no “side effects,” this data shows a substantial “longevity” improvement over allopathic medicine which, in fact, demonstrates a relatively poor outcome for patients.  In truth, with all of the accompanying adverse effects and quality of life issues, this Western Medicine standard of care and resultant survival rate is less than dismal.

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Although natural therapies produce an extremely higher survival rate and quality of life, mainstream science and medicine are not willing to accept these results without clinical trials and are adamantly opposed to any type of treatment outside of conventional medicine.  These human trials take years and cost hundreds of millions of dollars – exactly the reason that only wealthy pharmaceutical companies have heretofore been able to conduct them on their synthetic drugs.  The IWARC vision is to capture the support of the populace to fund the mission and subsequent clinical trials (if necessary) that will, once and for all, provide acceptable scientific evidence that these natural therapies, supplements, and protocols do indeed bring healing and wellness to cancer patients and all of the chronically ill, provide longevity beyond traditional drugs and surgery, and allow a much improved quality of life than demonstrated through conventional medical treatments.

Our vision encapsulates a new wellness “health cure” system – devoid of unproven, life-ending therapies that do little to help the chronically ill, but much to promote a multi-trillion dollar industry that exists to exist.  Our current “sick care” culture has invested incalculable amounts of money for decades with little or no progress in defeating the diseases of the 20th and 21st centuries.  Vast fortunes have disappeared into the black hole called “allopathic research” (cancer research) and, still, over 3000 Americans alone die every day of cancer and heart disease with no realistic hope in sight.  Imagine, if you will, a world where people actually know what causes disease and are well informed of what to do for healing – and prevention.  Think about natural therapies with no life-altering (or ending) side-effects that treat the cause of the disease and not just the symptoms.

Then, go one step further to the healing protocols – many which already exist today and are proven through the healed bodies of formerly “terminal patients.”

The International Wellness & Research Center is predicting the death of chronic illness as we know it, will work diligently to kill it and, will publish the death certificate to the International Community in short order – IF ALLOWED.

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