You can bend it and twist it.
You can misuse it and abuse it.
But even God cannot change the Truth.

~ Michael Lew

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10x Immunity:
Wellness vs Illness

At the International Wellness & Research Center we define health as “a state of being” and good health as being the ultimate state of being.  Wellness is the practice and state of living a healthy lifestyle.  We promote both good health and wellness.

Conversely, illness is the state of being unhealthy in either body or mind.  And disease is defining a specific sickness or chronic illness.  While some may take issue with these definitions, we stand by them as we work to help people restore their health and wellness and prevent illness and disease.  This works for us – and them.

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Reversing Illness:
All About Immunity


When asked about the most pressing issue of the time, I once heard a presidential candidate say, “It’s the economy, stupid.”  Well, he was right, but probably could have stated it in another way as not to offend the questioner.

In a way, though, I liked it.  Pretty straightforward – and absolutely true at that time.  So I am going to use it.  When asked about chronic illness and disease and how to heal it, I can now respond, “It’s the immune system, stupid.”  Apologies to the faint of heart and offended.

About four years ago I saw a television commercial that announced modern medicine had finally discovered a route to healing, especially cancer.  They stated emphatically, “it’s all about the immune system.”  Those of us in the natural healing community collectively slapped ourselves on the forehead.  Apparently, what modern medicine had never known as they treated only symptoms and hawked their drugs, we had been practicing for millennia.

​It is about the immune system – there can be no doubt.  Underlying that is the need to resurrect and heal the epigenetic systems of the body (all the physiological functions) that have broken down over time as we eat all the wrong foods, drink all the wrong liquids, and are bombarded with radiation and chemicals all day every day.  When we change our bad habits, those physiological functions return to normal and the immune system is strengthened and healed.  Gee, what a novel idea, huh?

Image by Ante Samarzija

Why We Started with Cancer


In 2008, the American Anti-Cancer Institute was formed as a non-profit corporation in the State of Washington.  That same year, the organization received its 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, status through the Internal Revenue Service, making all donations tax-deductible.

Our mission was simple and pure from the beginning:  Teach America how to heal cancer naturally (we have always known how to do it) and make the healing mechanisms available to all who seek them.

We would like to think that this task has been accomplished.  We have traveled the world educating anyone who would listen about the natural tenants of healing.  But this journey will really never end.  As families get caught up in fast-paced lives and technologies, the causative factors for this dis-ease are increased and magnified, i.e., eating the wrong food, drinking the wrong liquids, and being subjected to chemicals and radiation at a higher and higher level day after day.

​So we continue.  As part of this continuation, and because of our world-wide influence and contacts, we are changing our name to the International Wellness & Research Center – although, the AACI name will always be present in the background as it holds the 501(c)(3) designation as the parent company.  We are now the IWARC and are serving not only North America – but the world.  And we are helping those with all chronic illnesses now.  Whether it be heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune, neurodegenerative disease – or virtually anything else – we are here for you.  Oh, and yes, we still are specialists in cancer.  Sadly, we have seen way too much of it – but it has helped us refine our protocols to help virtually anyone anywhere.  Let us know if you need help.  We will be there for you.

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